When it comes to promoting your business, presentation can make all the difference between success and failure. Advertising materials often make the first impression on potential customers before they even reach a brick-and-mortar store or online marketplace.

With all of the tools available thanks to modern technology, it may be tempting to design your own marketing materials in-house—however it does not usually make sound business sense. Consumers can tell the difference between ‘home-made’ and professional design. Amateur-designed materials can cast one’s business in an imperfect light, even when they’re created with the best of intentions.

Though the quality of a company’s advertisements and literature does not necessarily reflect on the quality of the business itself, shoppers can miss the distinction. Professionally designed advertising materials from Creative Media provide that extra “pop” in the customer’s eye. We design with relevant target demographics in mind, and the work is optimized to contain all necessary information in a visually appealing, easily consumable presentation. Ahead is a list of information about design services, along with how our professionals can help optimize them for your business.

Graphic Design
Graphic design is the bread and butter of any advertisement or other type of presentation material, and is seen in everything from print ads to product packaging to websites. The graphic design process involves the complete creation of material from the ground up by combining images, words and stylistic elements to convey one’s message with maximum effectiveness. Graphic designers are artists, but with a heavy dose of marketing know-how and technical printing skills mixed in. The presentation of nearly every commercial or industrial product has been graphically designed.

Pre-press services are an advanced form of graphic design with specific knowledge of presswork. Before your job is printed the reproduction artwork is tailored to the specific combination of press, paper and ink that will be used. Pre-press also includes services like plate-making, proofing, color conversion profiles, trapping, and other elements which will make your materials look the way you expect them to. These highly specialized skills and procedures are what make Creative Media’s printed materials sing in ways that internet sourced batch-printers can’t match.

Web Development
Consumers can spot the difference between amateur and professional websites in much the same way they do with ads. While web development is strongly influenced by graphic design and the visual element, there is a lot of engineering involved in the process. For viewers to get the most value from a website, it must be easy to navigate, quick to load, laid out sensibly, and be secure. A well designed website functions as the public-facing element of your company in today’s market. Quality web development can lead directly to the growth of your customer base and increased sales.

The presentation of complex information in a simple, easily digestible format requires talent and skill. A professionally designed PowerPoint or Keynote presentation is a valuable tool for internal education, along with the delivery of detailed information to customers on the web, and can act as a long-term standalone educational resource. As a feature-rich, interactive version of the classic slide-show, our presentations are enriched with all of the options that modern computing provides. 

When you are trying to portray your product or business in the best light, professional photography can make all the difference. There are many small details that go into quality advertising or product photography; commercial photographs are not ‘taken’, they are made. The process goes well beyond the shutter click, as our professionals retouch and perfect every shot for reproduction or web use.

YouTube Commercials
Not every business owner has the desire or budget to advertise on television, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t have commercials. YouTube is viewed by millions of consumers every day, with ad-space offered in a performance format. This means you only pay when people actually watch your commercial. YouTube ads can be produced and implemented in a way that fits any budget.

Many of the services listed above work best as a comprehensive bundle. Photography, pre-press, and graphic design all influence the quality of print literature. YouTube commercials, along with Keynote or PowerPoint presentations can be integrated into your web development plan in order to provide an interactive, value-adding website and reach more customers. Creative Media knows that all of these services are vital to marketing, and give the small or mid-sized business the same advertising power that was once reserved only for large corporations.

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